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hubdoc reviews

As a user of Hubdoc software in a company, I can say that it has been a game changer for our document management processes. Hubdoc is a cloud-based application that automatically fetches financial documents such as bills, invoices, and receipts from various sources and converts them into digital files that can be easily accessed, managed and shared. One of the biggest pros of using Hubdoc is the significant amount of time it has saved us. Prior to using this software, we had to manually collect, organize and upload all of our financial documents, which was a very tedious and time-consuming process. With Hubdoc, all of our documents are automatically fetched and organized in one centralized location, which saves us a lot of time and makes it easier to stay on top of our finances.

  • Hubdoc is a great all-in-one expense tracking/ document collecting software solution.
  • Sync everything as needed into your accounting software along with the attachment and even export to your other cloud file storage systems.
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  • This app is absolutely terrible, my accountant recommended it with Xero which is all hard to use.This app doesn’t seam to be designed for phones, sometimes the menu will be out of the screen like it doesn’t fit in my phone.

Xero just purchased this company which makes me leery of using it as a QBO user.

Not a serious app or accounting platform

Its time-saving and error-reducing features make it a valuable asset to any finance team. However, it is important to keep in mind the limited storage capacity and customization options when considering this software. One of the biggest drawbacks is the limited document storage capacity. The software only allows for a certain amount of document storage before additional fees are required. This can be problematic for companies with high document volumes.Another con is the limited customization options. While Hubdoc’s interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, there are limited options for customizing document management workflows, which may not meet the needs of all companies.

Iv been using it for 14 months now and really ready to move to FreeAgent or something else. As the title says, forget about posting anything where the VAT is even penny out. There is no way to make any sort of adjustment and the only thing to do is post an incorrect invoice to your accounts and then go in and amend it afterwards.

Reviews and Ratings

It’s supposedly free for users of Xero, but with the amount of duplicated work you’ll need to do the true costs are far higher than most alternative suppliers. Shlomi Lavi is an entrepreneur and founder of He holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Information Systems Engineering from Ben Gurion University Top 15 Bookkeeping Software for Startups in Israel. Shlomi brings 17 years of global IT and IS management experience as a consultant and implementation expert for small, medium and large-sized (global) companies. Shlomi’s goal is to share the best knowledge and news about information systems so you can make smarter buying decisions for your business.

  • Constantly logs me out – now authentication fails.
  • 2) Connection to banks and credit card companies is super by the automatic download of statements.
  • Prior to using this software, we had to manually collect, organize and upload all of our financial documents, which was a very tedious and time-consuming process.
  • Has potential but as other have said its horribly clunky at the moment and the whole VAT issue with mis calculations is the most frustrating issue.Currently does not save anytime in my mind.

Hubdoc makes it easy to capture your financial documents. You can snap photos from your mobile phone, email, scan, or upload documents to Hubdoc. All of your key documents are saved online in one place. Hubdoc reads key information from receipts and bills and turns it into usable data. Hubdoc extracts information from invoices and bills to allow you to create transactions in Xero or QuickBooks Online. Now your accountant can access all your bookkeeping directly from Hubdoc.

Hubdoc Features and Options

We have been using Hubdoc for the past 24 months, and in all honesty the service has steadily become more useless overtime. Hubdoc just makes your life harder not smarter. I have emailed the parent company Xero and received no feedback at all. I’m really not sure why Xero bought this company and then failed to invest in the technology, as it is only making the whole process of using Xero more difficult. I am truly being overly generous with this 2 star review when in truth it more like ZERO stars.

hubdoc reviews

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